(Updated 1/1/22)

Dear UCATAN Clients:

UCATAN is open at 5 locatons in Huntington Beach and the South Bay!

We appreciate our clients for during this pandemic. There is nothing that will make this easier, but hopefully we will be through this soon!

UCATAN has always been at the top of cleanliness but at this time we need to go above and beyond for the safety of our employees and clients. We have updated our protocols to best protect everyone. A few of the items we have enhanced:

  • Currently All Employees and Clients must wear face covering/mask in all public areas at all times
  • We continue to use our medical-grade sanitizer to clean all equipment, but we are adding additional time in between any services for sanitizing of the room (including door handles, floors, door trims, etc.). We appreciate you being patient to allow our employees to prepare the rooms for you.
  • Call in first to check in and make sure your service is ready. Clients can then wait safely in their car if your service isn’t ready.
  • We have reduced seating in our lobby and request clients wait in their car if there is a wait and the UCATAN team member will contact you when your service is ready.
  • We have removed any couches and cushions that cannot be sanitized.

During this time we will have amended hours, but will expand as soon as we can. Click here to see hours for each location.

We are very excited to Re-Open and serve our great clients. We are very fortunate that our salon has a layout similar to a doctor’s office, with private rooms with no need for any direct physical contact between employees and clients. We are reducing as many contact points to help prevent the chance of transmission.

We understand this is an ever changing environment and we will update our policies and protocols to stay safe.

Thank You!