Red Light Therapy



Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Our Red Light Therapy helps stimulate collagen production which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Improved Complexion

An overall more even skin tone and complexion from the stimulation of collagen.

Better Skin Feel

Helps firm your skin and give you an overall better feel to your skin.


Top 3 Tips For the Best Red Light Session Results

#1 It is the best to be consistent with your Sessions. Similar to the Gym, 3 times a week is recommended.

#2 The Red Light will stimulate your cells to produce collagen, but the cells need nutrients from red light lotions. Feed Them!

#3 If you wish to use both a Red Light Therapy session and UV Tanning session, for best results use the Red Light Therapy first.


Red Light Therapy Prep Spray and Serum

We carry the top products to help maximize the results of your Red Light Therapy session. The Red Light Therapy lamps will help stimulate your cells to produce Collagen, but those cells need nutrients to work most efficiently. We carry a full body spray as well as a target serum for specific areas you wish to focus.

State of the Art European Equipment

Enjoy your relaxing session while stimulating Collagen production.

Red Light Therapy - 1st Session only $10!*

*For New Clients. We also have Specials for Returning UCATAN Clients. Call us to find out about additional deals.

We have Specials for New Clients as well as Returning UCATAN Clients. Click Here to see our current Specials.