HD Spray Tanning


Warm Air Spray

No more shockingly cold spray! The new Mystic HD warms the private booth before you even enter and completely dries you after your session. Get Healthy Here!

Solution perfect for your Skin Type

Mystic HD now offers different solutions and customized additives to offer you the best bronze results. We will help you customize perfect results and avoid the orange glow from other booths.

Longest Lasting Spray Tan

Mystic HD helps you achieve not only the perfect color, but also now lasts up to 10 days. We will help you achieve the best and longest lasting results.


Top 5 Tips For The Perfect Spray Tan

#1 Before you come in for your Spray Tan, be sure to shower and exfoliate.

#2 Have clean and dry skin. After you shower DO NOT put on any lotions or moisturizers. The Mystic HD soluation is Aloe Vera based and will help you moisturize.

#3 DO NOT use any conditioners in your hair. This can affect the results on your neck and back.

#4 After your session stay cool for 6 hours (or overnight if you want the darkest results). Stay away from any activity that would cause you to perspire.

#5 Do not go in a pool or shower for 6 hours*

*(Ask our Tanning Consultants how to get the best results and how to get faster results!)

Customized Mystic HD Solution

Everyones’ skin is different and Mystic HD offers you the best Spray Tan for YOUR specific skin type. We want you to get the best, beautiful bronze color possible. Your UCATAN consultant will help you choose the right solution level and additives to give you your perfect results.

Completely Private Experience

Tanning is a private experience. Our Mystic HD is in a completely private room to allow you to be relaxed but still receive the best results. We will help walk you through the entire experience! (no Ross on ‘Friends’ results)

Spray Tanning - Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!*

*For New Clients. We also have Specials for Returning UCATAN Clients. Call us to find out about additional deals.

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